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Mon 11th Feb- Fri 15th Feb

We are excited to be working with People and Planet’s ‘Go Green’ to bring you a week of fun, environment-themed volunteering opportunities that will look great on your CV as well as giving you a chance to gain experience, meet new people and have a great time doing it!

All of the opportunities are one-offs so don’t require you to commit long term. This is great for those of you who are busy but still want to get some volunteering in this year.


Volunteering Opportunities!


Monday 11th Feb

City Cycle Survey- 10am-3.30pm Cycling in groups along a set route through the city and reporting back to highlight any issues faced by cyclists in the city. Bicycles provided! –  6 places

Wednesday 13th Feb

Energy Olympics- 10am-3pm Promoting energy saving and assisting with activities – 2 places

Book Swap- 12pm-3pm- Managing the book stall and taking money.  – 2 places


Thursday 14th Feb

Campus Clean-up- 12.30pm- 1.30pm Working in a group to clean the Brayford Campus area. Tools provided! – 10 places

Crafty Upcycling Master class- 11am-2pm Getting creative with the Oxfam team learning to make items out of old clothing and jewellery – 10 places

Landscaping Survey- 11am-3pm Talking to students about landscaping the university. Have your say! – 2 places


Find out more about the opportunities on the website http://lincolnsu.com/volunteer under ‘community based opportunities’ by clicking on the ‘one-offs’ icon.

There are limited places for each opportunity and it’s on a first come, first served basis so email us at volunteer@lincolnsu.com to apply!



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