Carbon emissions baseline

– university carbon emissions in 2005/06.

Along with all other universities in England, the University of Lincoln has calculated the carbon emissions released as a result of its operations and activities during the academic year, 1st August 2005 and 31st July 2006.

2005/06 is our baseline year against which all future carbon emissions figures are compared and to which our ambitious carbon reduction targets relate (see Carbon targets).

The University of Lincoln’s 2005/06 emissions baseline

= 9,781 tonnes of CO2e.

What does the carbon emissions baseline figure include?

The university’s baseline emissions include Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions only (see Introduction to Carbon Emissions for an explanation of the three main groups – Scopes 1, 2 and 3).

The baseline figure was calculated by multiplying published carbon conversion factors by the quantities of fuels used by the university during 2005/06. This included all natural gas, LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), heating oil, electricity, and diesel, petrol and tractor oil used by vehicles owned by the university across all our campuses.

Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide equivalent (tCO2e)
Year Electricity Gas Heating Oil LPG Vehicle Fuel All Fuels
2005/06 6,459 2,520 659 112 30 9,781

Emissions from electricity consumption make up the majority of our baseline emissions, with gas coming a significant second. As heating oil and LPG are only used to heat a few buildings at our Riseholme Campus and we don’t own many vehicles, these fuels are responsible for a much smaller proportion of our total emissions.

Did you know? The university’s baseline emissions are roughly the same as the annual emissions from 1,630 homes.

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