Go Green Week 2015

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Go Green Week is back and this year falls between the 9th of February and 13th of February. We have an exciting list of events planned that are all free to attend!


Each day has it’s own theme, with a range of activities that will provide information about the theme and how you can get involved and help the University.

There are a range of free films & workshops as well as free food on our Food themed day! Come along to find out how you can reduce your carbon footprint.


9th Feb – Transport

  • Dr Bike – at Marina building – Sustrans Office – 11am-3pm
  • Sustainable Transport display in the Atrium – 11am- 2.30pm
  • Access LN6 car share stall – Atrium – 1030am – 2.30pm

10th Feb – Food

  • Sustainable food stall – Atrium – 11am-2.30pm
  • Cowspiracy film – Coop Lecture Theatre –  6.30pm
  • Litter pick – 1pm-3pm
  • Smoothie Bike – Atrium – 11am-2.30pm
  • Online Green Quiz
  • Scrubbies crisps – Atrium – 11am-2.30pm

11th Feb – Waste

  • Mission Blue film – Cargill Lecture Theatre – 6.30pm
  • Marine Conservation workshop – MB1020 – 5pm (Registration required)
  • Recycling display – 11am – 2.30pm
  • Anthony Veluz – Give me Tap – reduce plastic waste
  • Permaculture workshop – MC0025 – 12pm-1pm (Registration required)

12th Feb – Energy

  • Witham Partnership – short film and Q&A – Coop Lecture Theatre – 6pm
  • DIY craft – MB1019 – 11am – 1pm
  • Climate Change display – Atrium – 11am – 2.30pm
  • Energy from Waste stall – 11am-2.30pm
  • Energy Efficient driving competition – 10am – 3pm

13th Feb – Sustainable living

  • Abundant Earth community stall – Atrium – 11am – 2.30pm
  • One Pot Pledge – Atrium – 11am – 2.30pm
  • Peace Garden – Tree Planting – Witham House – 2pm-6pm


To register for the Marine Conservation workshop and the Permaculture Workshop, please email environment@lincoln.ac.uk

Have a go at our green quiz as well which is available all week and there are prizes to be won!


Here is the link to the Go Green Week 2015 Quiz! http://lncn.eu/fikr




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